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Reiki is a gentle and effective healing tool.  It is relatively simple to learn and use for most people and provides relief of many symptoms and is extremely effective for first aid. It is deeply relaxing and comforting. For deeper health and psychological issues it provides support for deeper healing modalities and may in some instances provide complete healing. Reiki can also be used to start your car battery, as well as other extremely practical uses!!

Reiki is a good beginning healing tool, because it is easy to learn and use and very effective. It helps the natural healer to learn to trust their gifts and it often increases a person’s natural intuitive abilities, making them more sensitive and perceptive.

Reiki is often offered in hospitals here in Michigan, because it is recognized as safe, effective, and supportive of more traditional health care.

The Reiki healing channel is awakened by a process called a Reiki attunement, where a Reiki Master passes along the gift. The Reiki healing channel opens the natural healing potential within the individual and connects them with a particularly strong, clear and effective range of healing energy. The Reiki healing energy is very supportive of the physical body, deeply relaxing, and clears the emotions, mind and spirit. This channel supports the healer and helps prevent absorption of any negative energy from those they are providing healing for, while allowing the healer to receive healing energy themselves when working.


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    • Reiki I   - September 12, 2015 Sat 10am - 2pm
    • Reiki II  - January 30, 2016 Sat 10am - 2pm
    • Reiki III - March 22 & April 26, 2016 Sat. 10am - 2pm

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Reiki I Certification

In Reiki I the new practitioner is attuned to the Reiki channel of healing energy at the first degree level.  At this level they can offer physical healing by the laying on of hands. During the class, students will learn to do hands on healing treatments for their self and others. 

Hands on Reiki will provide deep relaxation and release of pain and stress. It will strengthen the flow of life force to the body and support the bodies natural healing abilities as well as resolving physical problems that are ready to be healed (that don’t have deeper issues which need to be resolved before healing can take place).

A hands-on Reiki session is warm and relaxing like a massage, but is done with the clothes on. It helps people to sleep and recover from trauma and to release issues they are ready to let go of.

Reiki II Certification

In Reiki II the Reiki practitioner is given a second attunement which increases their healing potential and strengthens their ability to work at a higher vibrational level. After the attunement they will be able to do deeper healing, affecting the emotions and the mind as well as the physical body.

Reiki II students learn to use the Reiki symbols which allow them to direct the healing energy in more specific ways. They will be able to send healing into the past to treat physical, emotional or mental wounds at the time of the injury, which allows a much deeper and complete healing. They will learn to send healing to people at any distance in a few minutes and to have healings repeat over time and to send healing into the future to support people undergoing surgical procedures. 

The Reiki symbols can also be used for a wide range of practical uses including incredibly effective first aid:– burns and bruises can be completely healed when treated immediately.  You will also learn to start your car battery and put your children to sleep (or yourself!).

Reiki III – Master Certification

The Reiki Master level attunement takes the practitioner’s healing potential to the spiritual level in addition to the physical, emotional and mental levels they already have from earlier attunements.  The Reiki Master students will pass Reiki attunements. 

Our Reiki Classes are approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education
Approved Provider offering credit for 3 hrs. each for Reiki I and II and 6 hrs. for Reiki III.