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Distress or disease motivates us in the direction of our soul’s evolution. My healing treatments help you align with and fulfill your soul’s purpose in this and all lifetimes so you can enjoy living and growing with increased confidence and ease.

To begin a healing I invite your higher self to direct the healing process and to work in partnership with my healing team. Healing is equally powerful whether a person participates from home (anywhere in the world) or in person in my office.

Healing addresses any issue including heredity, DNA, unresolved, traumas, blocks, soul contracts, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges etc. Healing may extend to others connected with you, including family, soul group, race, country, and the planet.

Ascension is raising the vibration of your body, aura and soul to a higher level so your enlightened self can live more fully in the world. Working with this process healing is deep, lasting and rapid. Your process is connected to a similar evolution throughout the world.

I work only with spiritual beings of unconditional love. My team include the Archangels working through The Healing Qabalah, Ascended Masters including Quan Yin, Buddha, St. Germain, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Divine Beings, The Karmic Board who help us to fulfill our evolutionary goals, Etheric Surgeons that heal and upgrade our physical and energy bodies, The Ascension Team, Power Animals (enlightened beings in animal form to strengthen our instinctual self). The Holy Spirit and The Creator God (by whatever name you use for that One Source of all Life).

Healing is available for adults, children, relationships, couples, families, pets, and houses. I can address any issue that is ready to receive healing including acute situations like wounds, viruses, infections and poisons; chronic or long term diseases; emotional, mental and spiritual issues; I offer support for hospital stays and surgeries, events and travel.

Session Length of Time & Cost:
Healing Treatments last from 1 - 2 hours and cost $125 - $160 depending on the time used. They may be in person or by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world. Because I working in spirit, people may experience changes immediately if they are very sensitive, or the changes may emerge over a period of days. Much of the healing will continue to integrate and resolve issues over periods of months or years, so the benefits are huge. Homework and tools may be given and taught when they will be helpful for the ongoing integration and soul development process of the individual. Where repeat sessions would be helpful, they will be usually recommended in 4 – 10 week intervals, as the client is ready to shift more. One spiritual healing may have more benefit than numerous more traditional treatments.

Eve doesn’t intend to take the place of medical healing where it is needed.


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  • Healing & Ascension Work
  • Rapid & precise healing at the deepest level where issues begin
  • Heal illness of body, emotion, mind & spirit
Physical Healing

  • Overcome blocks to self-actualization
  • Healing for adults, children, couples, families & pets

Healing Teens

  • Ascend the energy of body, emotion, mind and spirit to a higher vibration so you live more in sync with your truth
Couples Healing

  • Gentle Resolution for Issues Including: DNA & Hereditary, Childhood Trauma, Acute or Long Term Health, Past Lives, Soul Contracts
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