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Become a UCM Healer Practitioner to practice healing throughout the USA and Canada. UCM is ecumenical, allowing it's members to follow truth in their own way. This is a comprehensive and Life-enhancing course. It is ideal for intuitive people with a passion for self-awareness and self-healing, a deep curiosity about every aspect of life and a desire to bring profound and lasting healing to individuals and the planet.

Course work is experiential and transformative and includes a comprehensive manual and exercise CDs. The time commitment for training in this year-plus program is approximately 5 to 8 hours per week including class time, exchanges with fellow students, and personal homework.  Included with the tuition, students receive 5 private healing sessions with Eve, allowing her to personally assist each student over hurdles to realizing their true potential as a Healer Practitioner and as a human being.

Acceptance into the program will be based on a private healing session with Eve and evaluation of readiness for this level of work. Prices are affordable and payment plans may be available.


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Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
Healing partnership with Archangels, Ascended Masters and etheric surgeons
Aura reading, clearing and repair
Soul contracts: understanding, fulfilling and revising them.
Present and past life healing
The Healing Qabalah or Tree of Life
Inner child work
Power animals and soul retrieval
Chakra tuning and balancing
Psychic boundaries and protection
Identification of spirit beings
Psychic anatomy
Hereditary and DNA Healing
Soul Group Healing
Healing children and animals
Distance Healing
World Healing
Clinical practice
Focus on Ascension & World Healing
New World Upgrades for DNA, Aura Systems, Physical Body and Consciousness