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Join the conversation ! Visit Eve for the latest in Spiritual Healing and Ascension.

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  • Testimonial ♦ 

    “I''m looking forward to the next class! They keep me going; really feeling every part of myself beginning to come together.”

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  • May 2015 Workshop

    May 2015

    Awakening the Goddess Within Workshop: Embracing the Sacred Destiny of the Divine Feminine:

    Eve Wilson is the Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader at the Women's Retreat Renaissance Unity, Warren, MI.

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  • November 2014 Cosozo

    November 2014 Issue

    Mastering the Art of Creative Visualization.

    Eve Wilson contributes to articles on Cosozo, a wellness information publication. In this month's article Eve explains the equipment and power that we have for creative visualizaton and our relationship to this tool.

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  • Body Mind Spirit


    Eve Wilson contributes articles to the Body Mind Spirit Guide, a monthly paper and web publication for Southeastern Michigan & a great place to find information, local events, products and professionals to assist you in maximizing your whole and strengthening your journey to become the truest reflection of your Divine nature.

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  • Cosozo Magazine

    Eve Wilson contributes articles to Cosozo (literally “healing together”), a wellness information and advocacy company where comprehensive, current, and progressive health information can be found.

    Eve's Cosozo articles . . .
  • Body Mind Spirit Radio

    Check out Eve's In-touch Interviews

    “Eve Wilson works tirelessly for ascension”

    - Annette Aben,
    Body Mind Spirit Radio

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  • Eve has joined the team of writers at Wisdom Magazine.

    Contributing Author

    Wisdom Magazine is one of the country's largest free holistic publications with 150,000 copies printed bi-monthly in three regional print editions.

    Wisdom Magazine's Monthly Webzine

    Wisdom is dedicated to opening people's hearts and minds to the philosophies, products and services of the new millennium.

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  • Testimonials ♦  share

    Share in the student, client, and community responses to the Courses, Treatments, and Eve's Communities.


    Ascension Class

    "Thank you for class. This one was the best yet. It hit a number of notes for what is happening around me, in my family."

    Anette Aben,
    Body Mind Spirit Radio"

    Healing Session

    "Thank you for such a wonderful session. I felt immediate changes as we did the healings and these continue to take effect everyday which is something I was looking forward to."
  • Articles ♦  have fun !

    A collection of little gems of knowledge.Newest Addition:   Learning to Be Whole. . . Within you is a seed of wholeness.


    Eve Wilson

    Eve Wilson has been a full time healer and trainer of healers since 1986. A natural intuitive, she works only with energies of unconditional love to initiate powerful healing and growth

    A published author of nearly 100 articles on healing, ascension and spiritual living, you’ll find Eve’s writings to support your healing and the challenges we face in our lives on our soul's evolution.

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  • Testimonial ♦ 

    “Your blog is amazing! I never start Friday morning until I have read it!”

    Weekly Word Blog